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Application Process

You Apply

Complete the application below for yourself and a co-applicant (if you have one). Then you'll be taken to a page to pay the $50 application fee.

We Check Your History

We'll run a credit & background check to learn about your personal and credit history. We may also call some of your references.

Make Your Deposit

You'll know if you're approved in 24-48 hours. To move in you must pay first and last month's rent, security, and put electric in your name.

Sign Your Lease

You'll come into the office to review and sign your lease, get your keys, and tell us when you plan to move in!

The Background Check

We run a standard background and credit check that gives us information regarding your credit characteristics, rental history, and/or criminal history.


All applications are welcome.


With that said, please be mindful of the information contained in your credit report before you apply! It's a good idea to request a free copy of your credit report before applying.


Visit for more information.

Before You Move In

After your background check is approved, two more things must happen before you can sign your lease.


First, you need to make your deposit. The deposit amount is first and last month's rent, plus a one-month security deposit.


Second, you need to put the electricity in your name. Groton Utilities is the electric company. They require a reference from a previous electric company, or a $200 deposit.


You can reach Groton Utilities at 860-446-4000.

If your application is denied because your pet violates our Pet Policy, your $50 application fee will not be refunded!

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