Pet Policy

Answers for your furry roommates.

Is my pet allowed?

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Cats are okay. Any more than 3 requires approval.

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Small dogs are okay. "Small" is less than 25 lbs. Any more than 2 requires approval. 

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Small birds and parrots are okay.

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Turtles, lizards, and small snakes, etc are okay. Anything exotic or big requires approval.

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Service Animals

Service animals are allowed if:


1. The dog required because of a disability.

2. The dog has been trained to perform work or a tasks for individuals with disabilities.

Reasonable Accommodations for

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs)

An accommodation may be made for an animal that does not qualify as a service animal.

Written Request.

We ask that you provide written documentation of your request for a reasonable accommodation of your ESA. Verbal requests are acceptable, but it is in your best interest for this to be in writing.

Physician's Care.

You need a letter from the licensed healthcare professional currently treating you, indicating your need for the ESA. This letter must be written within 3 months of your move in date and updated annually.

Owner Control.

You must be able to control your animal. While the animal does not have to be trained to perform any particular task, it does have to respond to your command to come when you call it.

Know Your Rights!

Reliable information concerning Service Animals and ESAs can be found on the Department of Housing and Urban Development's website.

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

What's the difference between a Service Animal and an Emotional Support Animal? 

Do species other than dogs qualify as "Service Animals"?

What is a "Reasonable Accommodation"?

Do I have to disclose my disability to have an ESA?

My ESA is a dog under 25 lbs. Is it allowed?

Can I be evicted for breaking the pet policy?

We ask you disclose ALL animals prior to signing a lease. Bringing a pet into Tollgate Estates must be approved by management.

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